My Story:

When I was in 3rd grade, I started my very first business: drawing pictures of horses and selling them to my classmates! I even took "custom order requests"! All of the bounty from my sales were kept in my little zipper shoe keychain (each drawing was a whopping .25 cents) and was always very proud that I never had to ask mom for money to buy a soda at lunch. The seed was planted, and even though it would be many years later before I started my next business, the creative process has always been something that motivates and soothes me.

Many years (and a completely different career path later), I began to create again. After finishing my masters degree in English and Spanish and making a move across country from Mississippi to Virginia, I opened my first shop just a few years later. My then-fiance Sam was deployed overseas with the military, and it was during this time that I "re-discovered" the process of creating and sharing my work with others, and remembered something that I absolutely love to do. 

My first Etsy shop, Furniture Alchemy, was opened in 2012 and AlchemyHomeDecor was born in August of 2014. I'm also excited to announce my new manufacturing partnership with Brooklyn based, Alexandra Ferguson, LLC! We have worked together to create a more durable design for my pillow covers. I will be able to offer customers a faster turnaround time, plus a bottom zipper closure on all of my hand painted pillow covers, which makes for a great combination!

Currently, I'm a full time middle school teacher, but by evenings and weekends I fill my need to create by painting, sewing, and flea market hunting. My two dogs, Snickers and Luna, are my partners in crime; along with my husband Sam, who always puts up with my painting materials all over our house and provides logistical support for all of our events!