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THE custom order

Anyone who I've talked to in the past two weeks has heard about it. It was THE custom order, and I finally finished it!
It was a Queen Anne style vintage console table, and the customer who brought it described the look she was going for as "something that looks like it once belonged in Versailles, but has been worn, and the painted crackled and chipped over time".
So with that description, a few pictures of things she liked, and her color choices of Old White, Paris Grey, and some gold and silver leafing, I set out to completely make over the piece.
If I added up all of the time it took me, including some trial runs I had to make on my practice board, it probably took about 12 hours. Thankfully, it turned out great, but not without some worry, and quite a few touch ups! I learned quite a bit about crackle medium and applying gold and silver leafing, so hopefully next time I take on such a feat I can greatly reduce my time.
With that being said, here it is: THE Custom Order

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