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A lost treasure returns!

July has been busy and the closer we get to August, the more I start dreading going back to work.  Teaching 7th and 8th grade can be very rewarding and I love teaching; but it is also tiresome, frustrating, and it means I have to start getting up and showering again in the mornings.  ugh.

So, I wanted to share a little story in this weeks blog about when my mom came to visit. My mom lives in Mississippi, where I'm originally from, and she came up for 6 days a few weeks ago. It was great having her here, and she even learned some of the furniture refinishing trade and has gone back home and chalk painted her very first table!!

On her last day here, she wanted to stop at Home Goods before we took her to the airport that night.  We'd been in a few days earlier and I saw a little cabinet that I really wanted to go by my door, to replace the one I had there.  It pains me to buy retail furniture, I always so "oh, I'll just do something for myself" but then I never have time to do my own pieces.  So we went back to Home Goods and she insisted on buying the cabinet for me, and I just couldn't say no, it was such a cute piece!

When we got back home, I decided to clean out the junk that was in the cabinet I had there before and put the good stuff in the new one.  As I was digging through the pile of dog sweaters that are way to small for my dogs now and I don't know why I've held on to them (I guess its like a mother keeping her children's baby clothes:-) I found a lost treasure!

Back in the winter, I lost a diamond ring that my fiancee had given me last year for our anniversary (not my engagement ring, but an equally gorgeous ring!) and I cried for days over it. and there, in the pile of dog sweaters, I found my ring!
My new cabinet and my old ring returned!
I was elated because I'd only just recently resolved to myself that it was gone forever and I should stop looking for it, and there it was! Who knows how long it would have been before I found it (if ever) if my mom hadn't have insisted on buying this little cabinet for me at Home Goods!

Aaaand, I used the old cabinet to organize my work room, which is now, for the first time ever, in a somewhat orderly state!
I finally have a place for things!

Only 2 more weeks...

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