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Flowers in a Mason Jar

Whenever I go on my weekly thrift store rounds, I always look around for old jars.  Since Annie Sloan Chalk Paint can be mixed to create custom colors, I like to use old Mason jars to mix and store the paint.
Last week I came across a gorgeous old blue Mason jar, and bought it for $2.00!
 I felt like it was just too pretty to for painting, so I stopped at Safeway and bought a $8.00 bouquet of flowers to go in it.
Using a Mason jar as a vase is definitely not a new idea, but it is a GREAT idea! In addition to having the flowers  sitting on my kitchen counter, I've also used it for a staging for all of my latest pictures.
I have some "go to" props I love to use for photo staging, they are all things that I've found around my house or at thrift stores. My favorites are a straw fedora (swiped from my fiancee, who never gets to wear it anymore because I don't want it to get lost!), vintage bicycle bookends, a crate found at a thrift store that I'm now using for an end table in my living room, and this tiny decorative tobacco stick ladder I bought for $3.00 from a colleague at work!
I'm considering keeping this French Linen if I need more furniture :-)
I used the flowers here on my vintage crate end table..I also really want to keep this chair ;-)
Finally, on this French Provincial vanity, they add a classic touch. Although I also wanted to keep this vanity, it has already sold and I'm shipping it out this week to NYC

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