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What Color is That?! Volume III: A very vintage Valentine's

Valentine's Day is one of those holidays that I have mixed feelings about.  One the one hand, its so overdone and I'm always of the impression that you should be showing your love to those dear to you year 'round, not just on on particular random day in February.....but at the same time, I do love festive holidays, and so I fall victim to the Valentine's day hype each year!

In honor of this silly little holiday, I thought I'd share the only two pieces I've ever done in red.  I'm not sure why I've only done two, but its one of those colors that scares me a little.  I love the way it turns out, and I've seen some gorgeous work done in all shades of red, but for some reason it's just a little intimidating!

The first piece I ever painted in red was this gorgeous antique dresser:
I used Annie Sloan Chalk Paint in "Primer Red", with a light antique glaze and finished her with a clear poly.  The sides of the drawers are my favorite on this piece, I stenciled them using a "silkscreen" flower stencil from Michael's craft store, which quickly became my favorite way to dress up the side panels of drawers! Its a really easy way to add a surprise, and detailed, touch to pieces.

The second piece I did in more of a poppy red color:
For this piece I mixed Annie Sloan Chalk Paint in "Emperors Silk" with a bit of "Barcelona Orange" and "English Yellow" to brighten the color and give it more orange tones.  The drawer fronts were stenciled in a herringbone craft pattern stencil I purchased from my favorite stencil supplier: Cutting Edge Stencils, and then did the hardware in a turquoise for a great modern color contrast to the red.

I think posting these dressers has inspired me to do more red pieces!
What have you done in red?! In honor of this St. Valentines Day, make sure to share some pictures with us on Facebook at

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