Etsy Shop: Alchemy Home Decor

Drum Roll Please.....

...Furniture Alchemy is joining the family at "Rocking the Chair" in Fredericksburg, Va as one of their vendors!!

Only a few weeks ago, I was telling Sam that I really wanted to find a store to sell out of this summer, and just a week later Kelly and Sharon contacted me about being a vendor with them!

We are officially "moving in" next weekend, so if you are looking for something to do, head down to Fredericksburg and check out the store!

There are also quite a few other new vendors to check out, in addition to the amazing work done by Rocking the Chair:

Here are a few of the pieces that I'll be taking down (plus a few other surprises that I have in the works for this week!)

I'll also have a lot of vintage decor, housewares, and some of my handmade jewelry there as well! 

Not to worry, I'll still be selling all of our pieces on Etsy, so they can still be purchased there and shipped to you, if you aren't in the area! Also, for local buyers, if you purchase on Etsy, it can be picked up in their store, or I will go and get the piece to bring back to Alexandria for you to pick up from me.  

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