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Luckett's Spring Market 2015 Recap!

Last weekend, I was fortunate enough to participate, for the very first time, in the Luckett's Spring Market; an annual event run by the good folks over at The Old Luckett's Store in Leesburg, Virginia. When I found out my vendor application been accepted for this year, I was ecstatic! And so began my journey...

We rented a cargo van and packed it the night before set up.
Exhausting work and this picture was before it was even full!
I must say that the months ahead spent prepping for a market of this magnitude (which happened to be my first large market ever) were busy, crowded, and exhausting. Looking back, I learned some lessons and had plenty of ups and downs, but it was totally worth it! All of that will be for another blog post, but in the meantime, here's a big picture recap of how the weekend went down:-) 
Vendor badge selfie!
Unloading and set up day on Thursday!
Day 1- Friday was the VIP Early Buyer's Day and here's how the booth looked before we opened for business! I do believe we were the only turquoise colored tent, which was my hope in buying it (although with over 160 vendors, I can't be sure!)

Only about 15 minutes into Day 1,  this little Ampersand side table found a new home!

We used up every available "display" space, including the insides of the drawers....but hey, who would ever want to close the drawers on this lovely dresser anyway?!? 
There were lots of favorite moments, but when a lovely young lady walked in to my booth, saw this navy blue dresser, and said something along the lines of: "There it is! This is the dresser I've been Instagram stalking for months! I can't believe it's here!!! " basically made my whole weekend, and the previous months of planning and prep, worth it all! :-) 
Day 2- Here we are mid-way through the day on Saturday!  

This lovely Singer sewing machine/world map piece found a new home on Saturday, destined to be an amazing coffee table in an office in Fairfax, Virginia; and my mini succulents were a hit!! 

One of my other favorite parts of the day was when a mother/daughter trekked all the way back to our booth, at the end of a very long day on Saturday, because mom said the little girl just couldn't stop talking about that little red cactus! She left so pleased with her new succulent and couldn't wait to put it in her room at home and take care of!!

My favorite piece was this gorgeous mint cabinet! It actually ended up back at home with me, and has a place in my office now; which I can't say that I'm at all sad about!!
Day 2-  Around 5pm on Saturday, we had a sudden (and pretty major) wind/rain storm!! We were literally holding our tent down, putting tarps over everything and shoving pieces of plyboard underneath all of the furniture, to save it from getting wet when we started taking on water. Thankfully it didn't last too long and everything was dry and safe when we got back on Sunday morning!!
Day 3- Here we are Sunday morning before opening! As you can see, the merchandise was dwindling (yay!) and we had to strategically place some tarps around to protect some of the furniture, but it was a great day!
This little lovely found a new home with a wonderful family who were visiting all the way from California, along with one of the hot air balloons shown below! They were excited to find a few things that they loved, and that would fit in a suitcase:-)

All in all, it was a great weekend.  I'm so thankful to my mom (who came up for the week from Mississippi!) and Sam, who were there to help me out! I couldn't have pulled it off without "team Furniture Alchemy"!! It was wonderful to meet lot of people who have been following my page and Instagram (we're @alchemyfurniture ) and gaining lots of new friends and followers!

By the end of the day on Sunday, we were so completely exhausted, that we started packing up and breaking down as soon as possible- so there wasn't a lot of time for picture taking....
So, to end the post, here's another highlight from my weekend- meeting, and taking the obligatory Luckett's selfie, with Marian aka Miss Mustard Seed :-)

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