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Lucketts Spring Market Recap

Lucketts Spring Market Recap

We did it! Our biggest event of the year, the Luckett's Spring Market, has come to an end.  It was a great weekend, but it did not come easy....Mother Nature was not favorable.....

We unloaded on Thursday and set up everything Friday morning.  I will say, that the weather was gorgeous on Friday...enough that I got a sunburn that morning while I was scrambling around to set up everything! 

When I signed up to be a vendor again this year, back in February,  I was completely unaware that we would be buying a house and moving right in the middle of "Luckett's season".... so I felt a lot less prepared than normal. The past two weeks, I was basically scrambling around trying to finish up a ton of smalls, mostly signs and pillows, and paint the few last minute furniture pieces we took, but we ended up with a decent booth.   Here are a few pictures I manage to snap on Friday morning before the market opened for the VIP buyers day....

Friday turned out to be a good day.  The morning was very slow for us; I suspect that is because everyone flocked to Miss Mustard Seed's tent (and who can blame them? I would have done the same!), but it picked up a lot in the afternoon, which I was very thankful for....because I knew what was in store for us Saturday, and it wasn't pretty....

Friday night when we left, it looked like we'd prepared our tent for a hurricane....heavy duty tent stakes, leg weights, tarps tied all around, and steel tape to patch any places in the canopy that were worn.  I put everything that would fit back in plastic bins, then put those and the furniture, on a tarp and we wrapped it up like a giant present.

And after all of that....this is what we found Saturday morning at 7am when we arrived.....

Basically a giant mud hole. The good news is that wrapping everything in a tarp kept all of our stuff dry, and fortunately, we'd sold the antique dresser and vintage wire cart, on Friday, which were the biggest pieces, so we had room underneath the tent to fit everything.    

We wrapped the bottom of the chair and desk with clear plastic and painters tape, then cut up a tarp to just set them on top of.  I resorted to using clear plastic bins to display some of the pillows, all of that mud, plus super white pillow fabric really made me nervous, but somehow everything remained clean! 

The blue tarps weren't super stylish, but they got the job done and kept us (and our stuff) dry throughout the day! 

I couldn't believe how many people turned out on Saturday, given the awful weather! We stayed pretty busy throughout most of the day, and by closing at 5pm on Saturday, I was actually debating on whether I should dig around in my storage unit that night to try and find more stuff to bring because we'd sold so much the space looked a little bit bare.

Then came the news.....Luckett's was cancelled for Sunday! I actually thought that the vendors next door to us (who were super fun and had amazing stuff, btw!) were kidding around when the told us the news....but alas, it was not a joke.  Our booth location hadn't allowed us to see what we later heard had been going on in the parking lot all day, which was basically that so many people were having to get their cars towed out that the tow truck got stuck and had to be towed out by another tow truck! yikes! 

It was totally understandable that Luckett's needed to cancel, it really was a mess and a safety hazard; plus it continued to rain all night and all day on Sunday and it was even worse when we arrived Sun. afternoon to pick up our stuff.  Sadly, I don't think it was communicated well with the vendors, and, at least from my view, handled very unprofessionally....I'm not sure if we'll be back at Luckett's again next year, but despite everything we had a blast and I would like to thank everyone who trudged out in the yucky mud on Saturday to shop!!!



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