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Patio Makeover (Part 2): Laying Concrete Pavers Tutorial

Patio Makeover (Part 2): Laying Concrete Pavers Tutorial

It took us the entire week, but we finally finished out patio makeover! You can check out Part 1 to see all of the before pictures and learn how we prepped the area. I'll add a materials list at the bottom of this post so you guys can easily see everything we used to make our patio rock garden!

Originally, we were going to pour the concrete ourselves, using this WalkMaker Concrete Mold I ordered on Amazon, but after pricing out the project, we realized that it would be cheaper (and a lot less work) to buy these ready-made concrete pavers from Home Depot. I did some quick calculations and decided that we would need around 18 of them at $4.77 each, it would end up being a little cheaper than the ten  80lb bags of concrete and we wouldn't have to mix and pour it ourselves. 

The pavers weigh 47 lbs each, so we calculated that we were hauling over 800 lbs in the Jeep. I got a little concerned, but we made it safely home and hauled them down to the patio and stacked them right outside the fence, using a wagon (which made things A LOT easier!).

We'd already prepped the area by digging down about 3" and leveling out the ground using a hand tamper (check out Part 1).  After dousing the area in preemptive weed-killer, I tacked down some landscaping fabric to *hopefully* help hold the weeds off a little longer.

I poured out the leveling sand, smoothed it over the low spots and packed it down with my hand. 

I poured out the leveling sand, smoothed it over the low spots and packed it down with my hand. 

We used a few bags of paver leveling sand on top of the landscape fabric, just to even out a couple of low spots and give the pavers something to grip on to a little better than the landscape fabric.

I tried as best I could to calculate the area and get an even width between pavers, but we basically just started laying them out and using a yardstick to gauge the width between each one to make sure they were in a straight line.

Once we got all of the pavers set where we wanted them, we filled in around them with an extra bag of mulch we had, then started pouring out our bags of rock on top of the mulch. Hopefully the mulch will also help to suppress the weeds (for a while, at least).  

All in all, we used 12 bags of these gray landscaping stones from Home Depot, so that the rocks were filled in completely around the pavers and nearly flush with the top.  After a few rains and everything settles, we may have to go back and add a couple more bags.

After we finished, I sprayed everything down with a little bit of water to clear off the dust and help everything settle some.  Snickers kept an eye on things while it dried off. 

That's it! Here's the finished product:

Here is a close up of the adorable succulent planter I made for the "container garden" section.  I used a wire basket storage ladder I found at Home Goods (for only $30!), added coconut liners to the baskets, succulent potting soil, and some cacti, hens and chicks, and a portulaca for some low maintenance additions to the patio.  Also, the galvanized buckets have lavender and lilac in them, which adds a little more color.

What do you guys think of our patio makeover? We're loving it already, it looks much more purposeful than before, and we can actually use the space now! 

Materials List for 6' x 12' Patio Rock Garden with Pavers:

  • Shovel
  • Garden Tiller
  • Hand Tamper
  • Preemptive Weed Killer Spray
  • 1   3'x50' roll of Landscaping Fabric and Pegs
  • 3 bags of Paver leveling/base sand
  • 1 large bag of brown Mulch
  • 12 bags of Landscaping Stones or Rocks of your choice
  • 18 Concrete Pavers (16" x 16")
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